A downloadable game

This is a collection of gambling minigames to lose all of your krona.


Mouse / Click

Select - Space/Enter


Memory Match - 
Select two matching cards to clear them. Clear all the cards to win.

Speed Match - 
Clear all of the cards before the time runs out!

Poker Value - 
Click on one of your cards to replace it. Try to get the highest value deck.
**May or may not be actual Poker

Luck Stacks - 
Guess which card has a higher value.

Lucky Lottery/Lucky Numbers - 
Be lucky and hit the jackpot!

Roll-It Roulette - 
Guess where the roulette ball will land.

Wheel of Cash - 
Spin the wheel, earn tons of cash. Not really a game

S'Lot O' Cash - 
Roll the slots. Get three in a row to win!

Lot's O' Slots - 
Roll the slots, and click on them to stop them from spinning. Get five in a row to win!

Digit Slots - 
Roll the slots. Get four of the same number in a row to win!



Squareformer Casino (EN).zip 19 MB

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