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Magic Monsters is a role-playing game in the works. This is a short intro of the demo of the game.


You were on your way home when you seem to have gotten lost. You find yourself in a dark, strange, magical world like nothing you have seen before. You have a feeling that tells you there are supernatural spirits lurking about. The environment seems questionable, you can't tell if things are a threat or not to your presence, so you try to be as safe and careful as possible. Unfortunately for you, there are strange monsters that see you as their prey. They will try to fight you and kill you so that they may feast upon your flesh. (For some monsters though, human isn't really their diet, and they may even be friendly towards you.) When you encounter a monster, you can either fight them, run away, or use magic. This may affect your reputation as being either a brave murderer, a relentless coward, or a satanic witch. You have the option to sin and use spells and potions of witchcraft or fight and kill. As a greedy human, you also see lots of unique treasures that you want to have in your possession. Out of instinct you have the desire to obtain as much treasure as you can. It seems that this place even has an economy, as you can find currency, which you can purchase tools or food with to help with surviving.

Find your way home whilst surviving and collecting treasures. You may even make some friends along the way.


Release date 51 days ago
AuthorMr. McMuffin
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Average sessionA few hours

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